Parallel Dream ~
Aetheric Heart

is a digital artist from Poland. Under the project name “Aetheric Heart“ they publishes digital art and net art works.

The most inspirational theme for my art is transformation, which for me is about showing how I can view & express something by recreating/ redefining a piece in my own way. In graphics it is mainly making many sublayers from one photo and manipulating them using various techniques to express my love for color and light in general. I’m mostly intrested in eyes of the person. They reflect one’s consciousness which is the true model of my visual art. Auroral, glowy surroundings are about showing mental interactions between two gazers silently sharing thoughts & raising their vibrations so that the perception of reality is being “hacked”. My graphics are meant to be energetically saturated with elements of something exotic and / or unnamed. Aetheric Heart is about sharing aetheric love.

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