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href zine - issue 1

href zine xyber*feminism issue compiles diverse personal and artistic perspectives on techno-feminisms, technologically performed genders and an unjust nature.

The internet is being explored as cyborgs' habitat and traces of the cyberfeminist utopias are being researched. How do the internet and the techno-feminisms influence each other and how are these being manifested again today?

This issue curates various approaches to feminist research and art practices and includes as well its own xyber*feminist manifesto.

This very first issue of the href zine contains an introduction to various techno-feminist theories, a timeline that tells a history of these techno-feminisms and the internet, it‘s own xyber*feminist manifesto, many works of artists who are working in xyber*feminism-related fields, and as well interviews with these artists.

href zine issue 1 contains 76 pages filled with xyber*feminism art and research, and was released on 22.10.2018 at Schwankhalle theater in Bremen.

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